What would happen if you got hit by a bus?

Ever lay in bed at night wondering what would happen to your business if you got hit by a bus? Or maybe it’s not you, but that key employee or the salesperson that brings in the bulk of your revenue… I have seen more than a few high-growth, successful companies “crash and burn” because they were not prepared for the worst case scenario.


Here’s a scenario to consider:

What if you had a relatively large, very specialized law practice with 10 attorneys, support staff and an office manager? You are very successful and sought after for the big cases. Although processes, procedures, etc. are not documented, everything runs relatively smoothly, although maybe it’s a little chaotic at times. You, as the founder of this law firm, have your fingers into everything legal and business related. Your office manager runs the everyday – does the accounting, associate billing, recordkeeping, payroll, opens and closes the office, works with IT, responds to any issues that arise and lots more – basically keeps everything (other than the legal) operational.


Then one day your office manager quits – just doesn’t come in – ever again. Did I mention that nothing he does is documented? All the information about running your office just walked out the door – so now you are scrambling to make sure the electric bill gets paid – but…where are the bills kept? What is the access code to the online files? How do you process payroll? How do you bill your clients? You get the picture.


Next, you, the founder, come down with H1N1 and end up in the hospital – where you contract a staph infection. No problem, right…your lead attorney can handle the chaos that is spreading for just a couple of weeks – except he also gets sick and ends up in the hospital with MRSA.

No one who is left on staff knows how to get a bill paid. No one has access to the checking account or knows how to access any accounts online. No payroll…no data is being backed up…court dates are being missed…now the lights and phone are turned off…you can imagine the rest.


Here’s the kicker…this is a true story! It’s heartbreaking because what was once a thriving, successful law firm is no longer in existence. I am unable to contact the founder or her partners– even the website is gone. She has to rebuild, not only her practice, but her reputation.

Here’s the answer to avoiding nightmare scenarios like this one and getting a good night’s sleep! Put into place systems and procedures that work, are documented, implemented and utilized. Call All Systems Grow TODAY! (561)568-9875



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