To Grow your Business … be the Butterfly

Transition is painful art. Look at the butterfly. If we wanted to assist the caterpillar out of the cocoon we could simply pry open the cocoon and set it free. But that is not what would be best for the butterfly. In fact, science has proven that it would lead to certain death for that new life. Because….the same muscles it takes for it to free itself from that cocoon state are the same muscles it needs to fly.

The fact is, to grow your business to the next level often requires transition – transition in both thoughts and behaviors.

How comfortable is your company’s culture with change?  How willing are you to make the changes necessary to grow your business to that next level?  Take a deep look at the thoughts and behaviors that may be holding you and your company back from greatness. Take a look at which “muscles” are being used every day – are they the muscles that will continue to grow your business?

Transition and change, when necessary and executed effectively, can be the game changer for you and your company. So, if transition is required, then work out your “transition” muscles…

Initiate the change that is required, then champion it, then create the culture that has strong “change is good” muscles.  Break out of your business cocoon and be the butterfly!



2 responses to “To Grow your Business … be the Butterfly

  1. Excellent! My boss needs to read this!


  2. @ljhauser: We hear that a lot! Thanks for reading…


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